“It is very hard to operate in the magnificent safari lands of Tanzania without feeling a sense of great privilege. Yes, there are warts, sometimes giant warts that de-stabilise the general karma, but anyone able to spend time amidst the great natural spectacle that is Tanzania must accept some responsibility for that great nature and the people living within it. The greater the level of protection offered to any particular environment, the greater the level of conflict there will be with its neighbouring communities, unless of course, those communities are also protected and treated as part of the whole. Real tangible benefits must be allowed to bulldoze their way through the lip service and bureaucracy which blights most attempts at CBC (community based conservation). For two decades A Tent With A View (a Tanzanian safari company based in Dar es Salaam) have battled the bureaucracy to make a difference on the ground. Sometimes the authorities seem mind-numbingly insensitive to the needs of their own people, favouring protocols over common sense and greed over responsibility. Thankfully, there are many instances of good leaders and genuine community philanthropy but supporting any among the plethora of worthy causes in Tanzania demands patience, diligence and a resolve way beyond what should be necessary.

doctor-tanzaniaWe are far from perfect, make many mistakes and fail in some of our undertakings. However, our resolve remains and we learn from experience. Each year we get a little stronger and as such, a little more effective. The Tent With A View Foundation formalises what we, as a company, have been doing for decades and hopefully provides a more robust structure to the support work we undertake. It, of course, provides a means for us to fund raise and we hope to persuade you that our efforts are worthy of your attention. If what follows touches your heart or stings your conscience, we would be hugely grateful for your support, wherever it can help. Thanks“

David Guthrie (trustee – A Tent With A View Foundation)